MY STORY progress & on purpose:

As a former ballerina, I believe with my whole heart that mindful movement, music and performing arts have and hold the power to change the world. 

Originally from Sarasota, FL, my career as a dancer provided the unique luxury of calling Copenhagen, Denmark, Boston, MA and New York City my homes away from home.

Since retiring from the stage, I've earned a BA in Psychology from Columbia University, received multiple RYT certifications through Modo Yoga International (500-hr Modo Level One | 50-hr RYT Modo Flow | 45-hr Modo Calm)... and continue stitching together the chapters of my story, one word at a time. 

After 17 years spent dedicating my life to non-verbal story telling, Yoga has given me a new stage—a vocal platform to empower my students with the tools to write & re-write their own story from a place of quiet knowing & loud listening.

Living with intention and marveling in the inner-world wonder that is our body/mind connection is where the sweet stuff steeps... 

Currently, I guide private clients & inspiring companies in weekly Yoga classes designed to ground, strengthen, calm and inspire students to show up for themselves on and beyond their mat.

At the start of 2021, I co-founded Artists Becoming: the wellness workshop for performing artists — a 4-week, virtual workshop that combines Yoga, Meditation & mentorship conversations designed to support performing artists through mindful conditioning practices & emotional support. 

I live & lead my life as a testament to the power of this mindful practice: a work-in-progress embodiment of self-love, self-respect & cultivated calm that I relish in sharing. 

From my mat to yours, let's be still... and flow.